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Tree felling

Tree Services In Sheffield

We offer a wide range of arboricultural services in Sheffield and the surrounding areas, including tree surgery, felling, surveys, pathology and reports.

All work is undertaken following British Standard requirements and confirmation of Tree preservation order (TPO) and conservation area status. Read on below for more information

Tree Consultation

If an issue arises regarding a specific tree which is giving you concern, then a tree consultation may provide the advice you need. We'll advise on any tree related issue, and based on the information you provide we'll quickly work out a plan of action as needed.
Tree removal

Tree surgery

Tree Surgery

If your trees are causing too much shade or become unsightly due to restricted growth, action may be undertaken that can remedy issues. From crown thinning or reduction, crown lifting, pollarding to delimbing, various techniques can be undertaken to correct issues both aesthetically and practically. For ailing, diseased or damaged trees that pose a fall threat, we also provide various solutions that may save and prolong your trees life.

Tree Felling

Often the simplest solution when it comes to hazardous and dead or dying trees, tree felling ensures that your property is kept safe from falling hazards. Trees are felled with all logs and branches removed from site. Consideration is undertaken for any hazards, eg. Greenhouses, garages, conservatories and public roads with work undertaken following full risk assessments. Health and safety requirements are followed at all times.
Stumps can be left untreated, or in more thorough cases, they can be chemically treated to induce rotting. We can also arrange for stump removal if required.

Tree felling by our expert
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For experts in tree surgery and diagnosis, call us on 07767 386 358 or
0114 268 4627 today.

Tree planting

Tree Planting

From single trees, to whole plots of land, we're on hand to help with your planting needs. We're industrious and skilled, in addition to which we have the knowledge to be able to recommend specific tree types that match your soil and climate conditions as well as possible.

Forestry Operations

Thinning of woodlands, clear-fell harvesting and conservation work fall under this umbrella. Ideal for those with large areas of land to maintain.
Forestry operations

Tree surveys and reports

Tree Surveys And Reports

For both estate agents and domestic property owners, this is a great first step to making sure that your property is kept safe from potential unseen hazards, and can potentially save on costs down the line. Whether a tree is thought to be causing potential damage to your property or you hold ongoing concerns regarding your trees and their potential future growth, a tree survey or report can provide you with piece of mind regarding their future, whilst also providing long term recommendations. By law all trees in private ownership are the responsibility of the owner of the land upon which they grow, whether or not they are subject to statutory protection. The owner of a tree owes a duty of care to all third parties and is at all times liable for any nuisance or damage the tree causes. For more, check out our tree surveys page


Tree Pathology

Tree pathology is an ideal service for those with a potentially diseased tree. Not only can diseased trees lose structural integrity and collapse quickly representing a hazard and potential liability to other members of the public. They can also pose an infection risk to surrounding plant life. This may occur in various ways including transfer through fungal spores, spread of disease through complex root systems or via insect infestation.

With our pathology services, we take the worry and guess-work out of things by providing definite answers and can provide relevant recommendations regarding future treatments or remedial action. This allows you to minimise any potential damage to surrounding plant-life and structures.

Tree pathology

A pile of logs and woodchip for sales

Logs and Woodchip Sales

We can provide logs and woodchips at low cost for your horticultural project or personal use. Contact us for more details to discuss your requirements.

We also undertake horticultural work (BS4428:1989) which includes:

• Hedge trimming & garden maintenance.
• Landscaping - both soft and hard.
• Fencing - we undertake a wide variety of fencing to cater for all.
• Decking & jet washing.

Our horticultural work
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